FoolishTimes is a free monthly printed tabloid in Monterey County publishing the best humor we can find (some months we search harder than others). Now however, thanks to Mother Necessity, Al Gore’s invention of the Internet, and a few bucks spent with GoDaddy for FoolishTimes.net we’ve gone global baby!

Online Virtual Paper Editions:

If your not from around here (here meaning Monterey County) and you’d like to get a sorta “real feel” for the paper, we have a few options for you. Click on over to issuu.com and check out our nifty, flashy “page turning” editions of FoolishTimes.


The opinions or ideas expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of FoolishTimes, its owner, advertisers, or associates, or their extended families, or their friends or neighbors, or their associated pets, up to and including cockatiels. All articles, graphics, photographs, and what-not (especially the what-not) are copyrighted by the so-called “writers” and “artists” who contribute them. FoolishTimes uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.


We’re eager to read your stuff, and exploit it to satisfy our sick egos. As that may be the case, you do benefit from your contributions. You get to brag to your mother-in-law at your next Thanksgiving dinner that you’re a published writer. So, simply fill out the Contact Us form and select “I want to write for Foolishtimes” form the “Required Reason” drop down menu. However, submissions must be received by the 15th of each month to be considered for the next publication. We offer no payment to contributors at this time (we’re saving to buy stamps).


Click here for avertising rates or Contact Us or call 831-648-1038 or message us on Twitter or Facebook or string up a tin can or open up your window and scream as load as you can: “Foolish Times! Foolish Times!” and we’ll get back to you…maybe.

Subscriptions for the printed version:

1 year, $49.00. (That’s a mere $49.00 over the newsstand price. The extra charge is to bribe someone to trek to the post office and lick all those stamps, and get a beer or three along the way.)

Send check or money order made out to:

Foolish Times
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Allow 4-6 weeks for first delivery. No kidding. Snails are slow, man.