Impossible Comes True, It’s Taking over You

by Daria James

I am starting with the woman in the selfie is a modern man in the mirror. For one, it is a woman not a man and, two, these are selfie times. If we want to be non-gender specific, we can change it to the person in the selfie. We are still looking at ourselves, looking back at us, which is the point here.

I only have two social media platforms, ok three, but I forgot the password for the latter. They cover my basic exposure-to-the-world needs. One I have solely to promote the work I do for the column here and the paper (share the love, people) and the other is to show off my food and drinks prior to being consumed. I also have many dog pictures, some sceneries and random activities I engage in. Every once in a while, I will share a funny picture that may relate to a familiar situation I have experienced.

What I refuse to do is share pictures that berate others — the obese person falling when a earthquake happens, the not so good-looking fella looking for a girlfriend, the unsexy dancer and so on. These photos and videos are “funny” at someone else’s expense and they shine a light on the insecurities the person sharing it might have, not to mention the lack of humanity on their behalf.

When we share images we are putting our seal of approval on them. You support a candidate, you agree Beyoncé is Queen B. You want people to know you agree with their views with a shallow like. I am careful with my likes. Everything we put out there will come back to us, like a virtual boomerang.We throw it far away and turn around, then we are not ready to catch it back, or maybe forget you threw it, only to return to hit us in the back of the head… and that is how you did not get that one job. Boop!

I do not know about you, but I know about me and today I know better.

On a separate note, June marks 18 years in America for little me. My dream turned into a reality, much like Borat. I too go to America!

I could hear James Brown singing, “You may not be looking for the Promised Land. But you might find it anyway, livin’ in America.”

For as long as I can remember I wanted a slice of LA’s sun. Although, I really had no set plan how to get it. However, I had ambition and motivation and I was determined. With a magic sprinkle of luck, the Universe aligned the stars et voilá! Presto Americana. Actually, it was not presto at all, but I do not know the word for slow in Italian or French. Definitely a process, and remember progress is slow. If you do not believe me, take a look around.

I did what I had to do and made sure I saw it through, learnt from the painful mistakes and ensured I did not make them again. But because progress is slow, I might have made a few of the same mistakes. Live and learn, folks.

In conclusion and without a concussion or any confusion, I would like to tell you all I really like it here, I am staying and you are going to love me.

America might not be perfect, but it is one of the greatest. Just like you probably and definitely me. On the other hand, maybe I appreciate it a little better because I am adopted and I embraced it. That is a story for another issue.

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