I Am Sick of This!

by Jann Gargiulo
I always got sick! For real. I had Rheumatic Fever when I was around five years old. I don’t remember most of it because of my high fever. The one thing I remember was my head in my mom’s lap and her putting rags of ice water all over me. I also remember her calling to the other children to bring more ice. She must have had the iceman deliver extra all that week. Yes, we had a real icebox. For those of you who don’t know what that is, Google it ! 
Since that fever happened I can’t stand the heat nor the cold. That’s why I moved to the Monterey Peninsula. Because the temperature didn’t get too hot or too cold here.
Well, that’s the way it was about 30 years ago when we first moved here. It’s different now. That was  before “Global Warming.” (Yes, Mr. Prez, there is global warming.)
When we lived in the Washington D.C. area I was sick all the time it seemed. One day, when I went to the doc’s, she was so tired of seeing me sick that she told us that we needed to move. She said that we should live on The Monterey Peninsula, in California. When my husband saw she was serious he asked me what I thought. I said, Let’s go!”
It was so beautiful when we first moved here! We lived in Pacific Grove for the first 11 years.  One year in a lovely apartment (but only one bedroom). Then we rented a house for 10 years in a delightful area near Washington Park and took walks all the time! We had wonderful neighbors. It was almost perfect! Except it wasn’t ours, even if we treated like it was! 
Then we moved to Seaside to see if we would like it here. We do! It’s close to everything.  Shops, entertainment, the Fairgrounds, etc. Something I miss is the trees. I love the forests and trees! My husband grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He’s not used to them anyway; doesn’t bother him. What he likes is knowing that we own our own home! No mortgage, we own it! I guess I’m happy about that, too. It’s just that when a pipe leaks, or the hot water heater isn’t hot, or the heater stops working, you have to fix it yourself or worse, call someone else to fix it! $$$
But, the absolute WORSE part of our moving here is that our living in that house in Pacific Grove made me really sick! I wanted to believe the doctor who sent us here when she said that this is where I would do better. But I just seemed to get worse! It wasn’t until we were ready to relocate that we found out why. There was black mold under the house! The workmen said it was 12 to 15 inches deep. No wonder I was so sick!
The doctor said that this caused me to have COPD. He performed surgery removing several black mold spurs from my lungs. He had them tested while he waited. Then he was finished.  When I recovered from the surgery he told us that the molds were no longer alive so that was a good thing. But, I needed to be treated for COPD for the rest of my life. Then he began to tell me all the things I could no longer do, and the new exercises I was to learn and put into practice daily. Not the kind that would help one loose weight or slim down. The only improvement I would notice would be that I could breath better. My life hasn’t been the same since.
So, if you are a renter about to get a place where there are a lot of trees, be sure you check for that thick, black mold under the house before you rent. All those landlords stick together. Check for yourself. Know what you’re walking in to. I wish I had.

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