Baby Boomers Gone Wild

by Rex Keyes

Lot of the Baby Boomers, those born after World War II, are undergoing a change in life so they can still have fun. As one gets older some of the youthful physical activities are diminished by the ability of the human body to accomplish them, but there are activities one can transfer to in order to have just as much fun.

For instance, I bought, while I was in the military in Germany, a British motorcycle, a BSA 650 Firebird Scrambler and shipped it home to California. On my first week riding it here I happened to pull into a gas station to fill up. What all of a sudden happened is a group of about 20 motorcyclists also pulled in to get gas. A couple of the bikers had never seen a BSA (British Standard Arms) motorcycle and came over and asked questions about it. Then they invited me to join them cruising in the back hills of Hollywood. I decided to join them and we left Hawthorne, California for Hollywood, California. Sure enough there was a road in the hills of Hollywood that was mostly trees and open space. Well, when we came around a corner, there were motorcycles, about 200 of them parked all around the place. Also at this location there was a small diner and a food store. We stopped there for a while. It was like a secret location to hang out. Yet I was surprised at the number of bikers that came over to look at the BSA. There were only a few other British bikes there and they were all Triumphs. There was not one BSA.

Anyway, most of the bikers were in the age group of Baby Boomers. They liked very much going on motorcycle cruises in the back hills of Hollywood and taking curves at a fast speed. But as Boomers got older, that style of motorcycle riding is usually considered somewhat dangerous especially by the wives of the bikers. Now giving up one’s motorcycle leaves a gap in the having fun part of life. So how do Boomers continue having fun on the road? Well, next time you come up to a stop at a traffic light look around for a sports car like a Corvette, a Porsche or a Miata. Check out the driver’s hair and it will most likely be grey. Chances are that senior citizen is a baby boomer. What he has done was to get rid of the motorcycle and get into something more safe and fun like a sports car and make the wife happy.

Sports cars are a lot safer than motorcycles but if going on a cruise down a windy road like from Monterey to Big Sur a Boomer needs to be alert and act quickly in those turns or the sports car will end up like an airplane flying off the cliff and then turning into a submarine. Of course, that is a thrill ride, but one to avoid. As a safety measure, before the ride, stop at Starbucks and pick up a Frappuccino or an espresso and let that caffeine pump through your body to increase your physical abilities and awareness while driving down that windy road.

Good luck Baby Boomers!!!

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