Nobody Didn’t Like Them!

by Jann Gargiulo – Being from a large family is a great thing when a holiday rolls around. (Or, it would be if we weren’t so poor.) I’m sure it could have been better, but as a young girl I didn’t really know the difference between being rich and being poor. I didn’t even know what “poor” meant! Sure, I knew that we didn’t have as many “things” as the others, but I always thought that was because my parents chose 12 kids over the “things!”

“Yes, God, instead of that wonderful living room set we saw today, we would much rather have another child!”
“Amen,” chimed the ol’ man!
And, sure enough nine months later there would be another baby! Babies are so cute and cuddly, and they smell so good, don’t they? Well, most of the time! Many of us kids are only about a year apart. So, if my parents didn’t already love children, bet they learned fast! They sure loved each other!!!
I wish you knew my parents personally! If you’ll pardon my grammar, nobody didn’t like them! Our house was the house everyone came to for whatever. Everyone in the neighborhood called my Mom, “Mom.” I didn’t mind sharing her. I already did, I was used to it! Even later when my sisters started dating and the boys would come by they would call my Mom, “Mom,” and eat her food and drink— the best iced tea and lemonade you ever tasted! I still don’t understand how my Mom could take a little bit of food and make it stretch so far! (Maybe she got lessons from Jesus. If He could feed 5,000 with just a little, He could teach my mom!) She was the best! Everybody loved her.
But, when they started calling my dad, Dad, I drew the line! I may only have been six-years-old, but that man was MINE! And I intended to marry him when I grew up!
I asked my Mom if it was ok if I married Daddy when I grew up. She got in a little bit of a tiff and said to me, “Absolutely not young lady!”
I couldn’t understand why not. I mean, think about it, she would be so old by the time I grew up she wouldn’t want him anymore! Why couldn’t I have him?
This wise lady sat me down and explained to me gently that I what I really wanted was to marry someone like Daddy. That she had married Daddy and he can’t have two wives, plus I am Daddy’s daughter … not his wife. I can’t be both, and I can’t take back the daughter part! God won’t let me!
I didn’t like what she said, but I’d let her get away with it for now. We will talk about this later.

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