More of the Holidays

by Rex Keyes – Well, we just went through the holidays with a lot of activities like Christmas shopping, setting up decorations in and outside the house, installing and decorating a Christmas tree, visiting relatives, taking down and storing all the decorations for next year and attending a Christmas and New Year’s party. Man that is a lot of work and good exercise. When shopping there is usually a lot of exercise done by walking around looking for Christmas gifts. By putting up and then storing decorations that is a lot of bending down and stretching. And at the parties there is a lot of moving to rock and roll music. Probably one didn’t have to go to the gym in December; all the exercises were accomplished preparing for the holidays.

Now that the holidays are over it’s back to the gym and doing regular exercises. Some of my friends who live on the eastern side of Washington State where it is very cold have a perfect place to go for their walking exercises. They go to the mall to walk and whether it’s snowing or raining outside, the weather is always the same in the mall. Even on hot days, in the summer, it is cool in the mall. They even have a restaurant there where they can take a break after the walking exercise and get their energy back by drinking a Frappuccino, a latte or an espresso or two.

I wonder if anyone took advantage of some of the holiday items on sale. For instance there was a lot of candy and chocolate on sale during the holidays. We bought about five boxes of different chocolate brands to last us into March. We will have to be somewhat conservative for them to last that long. Actually they will probably just barely make it into the first part of February before they are all gobbled up. It’s tough to fight the chocolate weakness. But then there is Valentine’s Day where again chocolate candy goes on sale!!!

We went to Costco around noon the Friday before Christmas and it was so packed I guess a lot of people must have taken that day off. Every cash register was open with lines. Every table at the food court had people sitting down eating lunch. And when we went to our car after shopping, there instantly were cars waiting there for us to pull out. What I did was to get out of our car and direct my wife on backing out because of the number of cars going up and down the parking lot.

Sand City looked like a party place with all the food items, Christmas presents, clothes and liquor shoppers had in their carts. And senior citizens, what does Santa bring them? Well, next time you see someone exit a parked sports car or a brand new car chances it is probably a senior citizen. They are basically their own Santas giving themselves the presents. And like Santa, when they talk to their reindeer, their new vehicle, they say, “Onward Chevy, Ford, Mazda, Lexus or Toyota.”

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