What Did You Get?

by Jann Gargiulo — Do you remember going back to school after the Christmas break? It was one of my least favorite things to do. I always asked my mom if I could stay home just one more day. I knew that she knew why I wanted to stay home, but would she feel compassion and let me? You’ve learned a little about my mom over this time we’ve spent together so you probably know that her reply was a very loud, “No way!”
So, I went to school like all the rest. The boys would skip. Elsie “never did anything wrong!” Charlotte liked school — the social part, so she probably just lied! Ruth was very shy and only had a few girl friends; it didn’t matter with her. But ME, I thought it really mattered!!! What am I talking about? Why Christmas gifts, of course!
You see around our house you couldn’t ask for something for Christmas like most children did, because we knew that Daddy was in charge of paying for gifts. We were definitely poor!
You know how at school kids bring in food for the less fortunate? We would bring in cans of food, and then get them back when the school would deliver to us all they had collected! My dad would be so hurt, but he would thank the people then tell them that we are fine. If it is okay, he knows people further in the woods that could sure use this food, and he’d be happy to deliver it for them. And that’s what he did and we went with him!
So, this one year I prayed and asked God to help me say the right thing to those girls at school. Especially because one of the girls’ mother was on the “delivery service” team who brought all that food to us!
So when it was my turn and the question came up, “What did you get for Christmas?” I paused, and replied, “I got LOTS of love and family time. I met new people that I’m going to visit this coming year, and I learned not to look so much on me, but on those around me. I feel GREAT! How about you?”
What Did YOU get this season?

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