Making Christmas. La, la, la

by Daria James — It is not the most wonderful time of the year. We have managed to eviscerate any meaningful gesture out of the so-called holidays. In olden days, the holidays were about enjoying each other’s company, spirituality, and sharing gifts we had no obligation to buy to impress people we do not really like. Nowadays, it is about sabotaging the companies who express any opinion some might disagree with and buying a new phone because yours is so six months ago. My phone is about to be three generations behind. I am ok with that.

Let’s play you know how I know you are racist? When you talk about sabotaging a sports company who supports an African-American athlete who has been outspoken about police brutality. Saying things like, oh they benefit from slave work, they are hypocrites!! Yeah? Well, so is anyone who purchases any of the other many products not made in America. Do you think they have fare wages and union rights in those developing countries the company that made your smartphone has a manufacturing plant in? What I do know is they have installed those fun nets to stop workers from jumping off the building. No one cared about who made those running shoes where until they placed his picture with the new campaign.

Moreover, do you know how I know you are a fool? When you film yourself burning said shoes you already paid money for, while you are still in them! I would say you are a fool if you burn them in your dad’s fire pit while playing the national anthem, or just ripping the logo off your clothes.

Certain media outlets are very polarized on both sides. Truth is somewhere in the middle. It is up to us to cancel out the noise to see the real issue is police brutality, not disrespecting flags, anthems and the troops. Inform yourself, and educate yourself. Racism will disguise itself in patriotism clothes, like the Big Bad Wolf in Little Red Ridinghood. We see the wolf in granny’s clothes. We know is not granny. Little Red Riding Hood asked a bunch of questions accentuating the obvious and look what happened to her?! Had that been me, I would have been out of there like a hot knife goes through butter. Forget questions. Because not today, wolf!

Ironically, many of these professed patriots have not served in the military themselves. But they have a family member who did or is currently serving. That is like, saying my cousin runs three miles every morning, so I know all about staying fit, meanwhile my beer belly has caused me to wear suspenders because a belt cannot hold my pants up anymore. See how silly that sounds? If you are getting mad at me, know that I am not mad at you for being wrong. You should be mad at yourself. This is not about me right now.

A salute to all: I am glad the year is almost over. It brings us to the halfway mark and hopefully in a few years, the madness will end. I would like to say we don’t need another hero, but we do! Furthermore, I wish I was less concerned but I am not fully convinced America and its citizens have learned anything these past few years. Other than we have not changed that much from more oppressed times and taking progress for granted. Well, no. Our phones are smarter now.

Raise your glass of a favorite drink and let us toast, to a greater new year, may your hard work and dedication become fruitful and bring you joy. Be kind to one another, life is a lot richer with a healthy mixture. I am all about mixing the right kind of things: rum and ginger ale, cigars and wine, steak and wine, pizza and beer, bikes and nice weather… there is definitely a theme here.

Any who, cheers to you!

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