Good Old December

by Rex Keyes … It is unbelievable how crowded the stores were before Thanksgiving. We went to Costco two days before the Big Turkey Day and we had to drive around for a while to find a parking space. If a person was leaving and just starting to load up their vehicle another car would park close by with their blinkers on and wait for that person to load up and leave even if it took five minutes and backing up traffic in the parking lot. What is needed is a trolley or rail line around the parking lot to take people to the store entry.

Inside the store every person loaded up with so much food that when we got there we were surprised anything was left. All the schools must have been out this week because the place had more kids than we have ever seen on a weekday. They were running around the freezer section grabbing the ice cream and popsicles saying, “Mommy, mommy can we have this.” And mommy didn’t stand a chance because if she said no they would start crying; smart kids. Whoever placed the stacks of candy and chocolates right near one of the main isles was a genius because the kids could easily see the candy, pick it up and bring it to mommy and play the same trick as with the ice cream.

Every cart seemed to be loaded with food, wine and dessert, especially pies. I could be wrong but I believe the bottles of wine were to relieve the stress for whoever was doing the cooking and handling the family dinner. When we reached the checkout counters they all had at least eight people with carts waiting in line. We luckily found a line with only five shoppers in it and everyone for some strange reason had only 10 items or less. It moved fairly quickly. Maybe they should have lines with 10 or 15 items or less. I think I’ll put that in their suggestion box.

Costco wasn’t the only place that was packed. The Safeway in Seaside was full of people coming and going. Safeway’s parking lot was practically full unless you wanted to park in the part of the lot that extended to Fremont Avenue. Safeway must also be a popular place for single people to shop because a lot of people were bringing out prepared food thus saving them from cooking.

Last minute shopping for Thanksgiving must now be the norm. And if that is the norm it is going to be amazing to see what it will be like for Christmas. When it comes to food and holidays America is on a buying spree. And since we got that heavy new marijuana tax maybe the government should put mini trolley cars in every downtown city and in the large malls for people to shop. After all not having to walk around so much might be good for our knees and hips once we grow older, less wear and tear.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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