Over the Lips and Through the Gums

by Rex Keyes – It’s towards the end of the year and we have four big celebrations, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Three of them have parties: Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

At Thanksgiving we have a big food fest or feast. We place a large turkey on the table and then give our thanks. It seems like with everyone sitting around the table that we are praying to the turkey. Most people at the table are probably thinking, “Hurry up with the thanks, you are holding up the meal.” Once thanks are given it is a free for all of grabbing and eating the food.

But there is another holdup and that is waiting your turn to ask for the person slicing the turkey for your part like, “I’ll take a slice of the breast” or “give me a leg, and a thigh.” When people are eating it is almost like a pride of lions, food is gobbled down and sometimes people stuff their mouths with several items while chewing. Finally comes the dessert. One better grab a plate as soon as possible or else all the dessert may be gone if one is a slow eater of the main course. Thanksgiving meals should be great where one can take their time to eat but it seems like everyone is in the shoveling mode, “Over the lips, through the gums, look out tummy, here it comes.”

After the meal it appears everyone moves in slow motion. That is because the digestive system says, “Hey! You gave me a lot of food to process. Now I am going to steal a lot of energy from the rest of your body to help process all this food.” So the rest of the day one can go to nap mode and that could mean lying down on the couch and watching a football game. Of course, if one falls asleep probably no one will notice as they will think you are watching the game. Once Thanksgiving Day is gone, one may be having turkey leftovers, turkey sandwich for lunch, another turkey dinner, turkey and eggs for breakfast etc., for the next week. Hope you like ham because it most likely will show up for Christmas.

As far as parties go, three of the holidays are ideal for parties and those are Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Christmas may even include an office party the last day before the Christmas holidays and that all depends on the boss of the company. Sometimes the parties are in the afternoon and one can leave work early after the party. Of course, if the boss is the type that carries a bull whip to work every day, one can forget an office Christmas party, it will never happen.

Now are you really prepared for these parties? For instance the New Year’s Eve party may have disco music. Are you prepared to dance like John Travolta in the movie “Grease?” Can you dance the “Mash Potato,” the “Wawa Tutsi,” or the “Twist.” Excuse me; I’ve gone back to the 60s. I guess the only way to dance like the newer generations is to watch and copy them on the dance floor.

Well, anyway, good luck this turkey holiday and have a “Happy Thanksgiving.”

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