Consciously and Unconsciously Aware and Unaware Again

by Michael Houston – Our work/leisure, playing music on the streets and in our minds, doesn’t have to interfere with our true calling as an off-line early morning play-by-play PBS yoga announcer and interpreter of Vedic wisdom. (We call them mantras us calls them clichés.) Tip – wives and significant others help keep your dialogues internal. Nobody loves a smart ass. Still competent like-minded experts inspire and guide us all – Vin Scully and Jerry Doggett, Benny and the Jets, Shaq and Charles, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.)

Some days earlyish, dawn may find each of us curled up on the sofa for a yoga pschocast, silently simulcasting benign and nasty comments with the mellowly bossy know-it-all yoga instructor. Loosen the communicative sheets of our connective tissue. The unfiltered ghosts of dead nuns, living and dead drinking cronies, and the seldom suppressed elements of our own hot-wired brain-to-mouth personas call to us. Their commentary swings us wildly in a stationary prone pole dance mind set of Body Awareness, Conscious Unawareness and Unconscious Awareness. We loosen up for tighter abs and gloots. And the beat goes on.

Later in the day, call it, “Tuesday afternoons,” humanity parades its assorted auras through the candied walnut, blade-sharpening, rotisserie chicken, kettle corn, toffee, pastry, kabob, and tee shirt, food and gift markets. Bless them everyone, The Great Soul’s buyers and sellers!

By fog, daylight, or arc light we see the three great stages of our current life forms parade before our eyes. Behold the three-part riddle of the Sphinx:
1. Scheduled or Extended Infancy (Body Awareness);
2. Endless Adolescence to Middle Agedness (Conscious Unawareness); and finally,
3. Old Age, Sickness, and Death (Unconscious Unawareness Awareness and/or Enlightenment)

And what do we think we think? “How does it feel to die, alive and yet unborn?” “Why me?” “Why not me?” and “Who me?” Awareness and unawareness, born and to-be-born, collide in a torrent of spoken and unspoken words, images and fake news memories. – No, Granny, your weren’t in the ’06 S.F. earthquake. That was your third husband’s memory.

Serious comic awareness and unawareness is/be/are the ways of the Tao. It also worked well for a load of Christian saints, from virgins and martyrs to both, too.

Body awareness helps us to avoid unpleasant encounters with cars, buses, and trucks; lamp posts; maternal back breaking side walk cracks; slippery fecal street droppings; uneven curbs and gutter chasms whilst we innocently observe rooflines, cloud formations or blank white skies. Lack of body awareness can speed us inopportunely into some mosaic of Old Age, Sickness, and Death (Unconscious Unawareness Awareness and/or Enlightenment). Lack of body awareness can also enable you to enjoy a good dessert. Yin/Yang, baby.

Body awareness helps off-the-streets where more bumbling cosmic challenges await us on yoga mats, playpens, cribs, divans, surfboards, and golf links during our scheduled, extended, or in remission infancies. Your brain is slowing down as you age. Pull your arms out of their sockets. Remember your muscles shape your body. Talk about oral fixations! Seventy percent of the stuff in food stores isn’t nutritious food, so we couch embryos and wannabes can know no safety this side to the womb or tomb. Live with it! Laugh it off. For God’s sake, don’t over self-medicate about it!

We be our own life coaches. Find wisdom in our foolish acquisitions and triumphant disposals of material and spiritual possessions. Join thine brethren in joy on the great raft of the Middle Way, conscious unawareness. Be a good eejit! Our people, as our own last, if only fair to middling bard, we bid ourselves to follow our yin and yang.

Joyfully we take on our current incarnations. We embrace our role as our own client and cashier at our banks, coffee houses, grocery stores, cubicles, classrooms, cars, and $.99 plus 1 cent stores. Count your change. Don’t get in trouble. Work in harmony as your own sage, poet, street musician, yoga trainer, doctor, and bartender as required. Don’t forget to tip, and enjoy any good company you run across. We all need to meet some new cheaters and liars occasionally.

Take equal and opposite directions from your morning yoga routine on. Swing for the fences. Listen to yourself, coach. Let the game slow down for us. Especially, don’t believe everything you read in Foolish Times, but act on it now like a ripple on a still pool. The Earth is our mother and we don’t want to be orphaned.

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