Collaborate and Listen!

by Daria James – Once upon a time, not long ago, in an America not too far away (1840ish) women started their fight for their right to vote (let’s face it, partying was not a priority). Then 70 some years later in 1920 women were granted that right. 70 years! A woman was born and died without the right to vote in that timeframe!

I can only imagine the journey women had to endure in that era. I wonder if ALL women were on board with this crazy “voting idea.” Because I cannot fathom why somebody would purposely try to hold her team back? Oh, that is right, sabotage! A little bit of self-loathing without Las Vegas, maybe?

Thanks to that movement, we now have the word Feminism. Simply put, the word means equal rights for both genders. Equal opportunity, equal pay for same services rendered. See the pattern here?

Some men considered themselves feminists. Alas, some women are extreme feminists and they give us a bad name. Using the word radical before whatever group of anything is not a term of endearment. Stay away from those people.

If you are a person of reason, you can see when you are talking to the wrong representative. The wrong representative is that one person who cannot be taken seriously and frankly can be borderline terrifying. If an uneducated 35 year-old pothead living with their parents and working a fast food job says we should legalized marijuana, meeehhh…

However, if a doctor from a recognized university makes a strong case about the medicinal benefits of the plant and has data to back up his argument, he got my attention. That does not necessarily mean they got my vote, nor does it mean that if I disagree with their side, I will go ahead and bash them on social media and censor them, while attacking their appearance and misinforming others. Oh no, not I. I have developed this habit of thinking before speaking and not reacting to the words thrown at me. It does not matter if I am right. I do not invest myself in a conversation I know will be futile. It has not been this way for me; I used to waste my energy on pitiful, worthless arguments. Then I saw the light, it is really a skill we must hone. Life has been much better.
On a similar note, did you know that in 2018, in some countries, women do not have the right to go out in public without an escort, choose whom they marry, get an education, or vote? And if you did know, do you care? If the answer is no, you F@#$&%@ should! Also, look up the word solidarity. Alternatively, you can get a unity ring a la Rick James.

You know how we have those months to celebrate diversity and cultures, Asian-American, African-American, Hispanic Heritage, and others? I go to as many of those events as possible, you know why? Camaraderie, I am aware that if “they” go after them, “they” will soon come after me. I support equal rights, I look at the bigger picture, and I read several sources of information before making a decision. Beware of those who pride themselves of their ignorance, it should motivate you to not be like them, especially if they are famous and/or wealthy.

I have seen it first hand. Someone made a WWII joke and this girl said she did not get it, someone else explained it and followed with it’s in history you know. Her response was, “Oh, no wonder I do not know, I hate history and proceeded to laugh aloud.” In my head, I wondered if she also hated math and English because she sounded dumber than a bag of rocks.

Because I do not want individuals like her deciding for my future, I go out and vote. If you are one of those who believe all politicians are the same, and do not vote, you are part of the problem. Get with the program and know many men and women have died for us to enjoy the freedoms we take for granted. This morning I drove my own car to go buy donuts without my husband and I was not harassed or shot. A banal activity many do not have the opportunity to do.
I would like to invite you to get off your high horse and go do your part to make a difference. That is the kind of country we live in.

James Brown was right, we are living in America, hand to hand, across the nation.

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