Tidbits of Halloween

by Rex Keyes — Well it’s party time again this month with Halloween coming up. It’s time to decorate the house with pumpkins and spider webs. Of course some of us already have spider webs but they are too small. Yes, the webs are on the outside of the house, ha! ha! ha! Next year I’ll leave out an energy drink, Ensure, for the elderly spiders and Red Bull for the younger ones to build larger webs. We mostly have Daddy Long Legs, a spider that is rumored to have small fangs and can’t penetrate human skin. So we consider them harmless except that they are bad news to other spiders and keep them away.

One October a neighbor decorated their house and no salesperson rang their door bell to sell things. It could be that right next to the doorbell was placed a sign that said, “Mr. & Mrs. Lucifer and kids.” They thought about keeping that sign up for the whole year to ward off salespeople but somebody would probably show up trying to sell a line of clothing that is fireproof, or hot chili sauce, charcoal briquettes, hot dogs or Hot Pockets. Of course no one would probably show up trying to sell fire extinguishers.

A lot of people sometimes drive far away to take their kids to an area to get more candy where there are a lot of homes side by side. For instance, many years ago, there was a new development a few miles out of Salinas. It was unbelievable the amount of people from Salinas that took their kids there to trick or treat. Every street parking place was taken up with cars and there were so many other cars on the streets it was difficult to get around the development. It was like being in crowded New York City.

The bad thing about Halloween this year is that it occurs on a Wednesday. For those who work and go to a late night Halloween party, they are going to have to survive the next day at work. They will have very little sleep and maybe, just maybe, a hangover. They could request the day after Halloween to be taken as a vacation day. That way they can sleep in at home and recover from partying. Of course some people are experienced at recovering the next day at work after a party the night before and may seem like zombies or hyper because they have taken a couple of espressos at Starbuck’s. The best answer to a client if they are working on the client’s project would be, “I am looking into that situation and should have an answer within the week.”

I have to leave with one piece of advice. Candy is just like espresso. It will put you into high gear. One advantage to candy is eating it just before doing some house chores like mowing the lawn, washing the car, washing windows, playing tennis, swimming or surfing. Oops! The last three weren’t chores but having fun.

Anyway have a Happy Halloween!!!

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