Dog Friendly

by Robyn Justo — Two otherworldly luminous beings were sitting together looking down on the Earth.

“What keeps them down there?” One asked the Other.

“Something called gravity, a cosmic Velcro of sorts,” was the response. “Many would leave if their little feet weren’t stuck to the ground.”

“What is that covering on them?” asked the One.

“It’s called skin. Keeps their insides from falling out. Funny, they think it keeps their thoughts in too.

And their souls. Can you believe that?”

“They all look different. Why is that?”

“Oh, they work very hard at that. Not only do they have skin but they cover it with all sorts of things to make them look…well, special,” explained the Other.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” said the One. “They are the same.”

“I know. Not much makes sense down there. They don’t realize that they are fractals,” mused the Other.

“How could they miss that? I mean all they have to do is look at the two who came before them and the two who came before each of those and so on. It’s not rocket science,” said the One.

The Other giggled. “No, it’s not. At least not to us. We have a great view from here. We can see everything. They can only see what’s in front of them. Most of them don’t look up, down, left, right, above, below, you know. They suffer needlessly from MYopia.”

“Can we help them?” the One asked.

“Some of us have been trying for eons,” the Other said. “We whisper, we tap gently, and sometimes we whack them.”

“And still they don’t get it?” asked the One.

“Nope. They can be cruel to one another because they believe that they are separate and they don’t realize that everything they are concerned with won’t be there for long, including themselves. They will be recycled in due time to become a new fractal with a new pattern,” explained the Other.

“Maybe we should just peel them now. No skin, no separation, no boundaries,” said the One, “and take away their gravity.”

“Oh, that happens on its own,” said the Other. “But they choose to forget that while they are stuck to the ground in a skin suit.”

“And what are those things that move them around?” asked the One.

“Planes, trains, and automobiles. They really value the automobiles and almost all of them have one. All made from metals but they name them and some are more valuable than others to them,” said the Other.

“But they are the same,” mused the One.

“I know. Silly isn’t it? Actually it’s ridiculous when all of the material things down there come from the elements, the same elements,” said the Other.

“What are those furry things?” asked the One.

“Those are called dogs, one of the species that were put on Earth to help humans remember love. They are finally being accepted in restaurants and other public places,” explained the Other.

“The fur helps the humans to love?” asked the One.

“Yes, most of the time,” the Other responded.

“Maybe we should glue some fur to their skin?” said the One.

The Other giggled and then said as he pointed down, “Look there, do you see? A sign that says Dog Friendly.”

“Hmmm. Yes,” said the One, shaking his head. “Dog friendly, human…not so much.”

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