Fashion, Fashion You Know Me

by Daria James — Clothes, we all wear them, some of us wear a shirt better than others, and some of us do not care about the newest whatever brand collection. All I need is to be properly covered in accordance with the seasons and activities I am performing. Some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs wear a type of basic uniform a la Steve Jobs, and they save so much money not shopping around for outfits that they can afford that mansion with a pool and tennis court. Just kidding.

But they can apply that brain power on other things, like how to keep users personal information out of the hands of parties trying to persuade the masses into believing they are super-duper right and anybody not on their side is the enemy thus you should destroy them, dividing and conquering if you wish.

I was talking to an older and wiser person in the legal field and they said, as a rule of thumb, “If you download a free app, know you are not the intended customer” … ain’t that the truth!? Now that I think about it.

Social media bombards us with the newest, cutest, flashiest puppies to spam our brains. That is why sometimes we think we need that outfit to look cool like that model, and if we do not get it that nun from Game of Thrones is going to follow us around screaming, “Shame!”

I used to cave in to pressure; I would carelessly purchase clothes. I had to train my brain to prioritize. I managed to compress my closet by keeping it basic; it was an easier task when I was active duty, just roll out bed and wear the same uniform. Now that I work in an office, I have some office attire I rotate, but I do not feel pressured to buy new outfits. Like a trained German Shepard fresh out of K-9 school, I can now walk by the mall without running inside a store to purchase something I was not there for. Yes, it is a difficult task sometimes, but not impossible. It takes that will power we do not like to enforce. Pick it up from the corner and dust it off, let it do its job.

Happiness is not on social media or new clothes or that over-priced Frappuccino. Happiness comes from within and it projects out, if you wear it with confidence it does not matter what clothes you wear.

Investing in one self is much better and benefits are longer lasting. Learn some history. Keep up with current events. Hold a conversation. Brains are beautiful, give them more credit, it raises our stocks because beauty is only skin deep.

Go out and be that California 9 in all 50 States and International. You got it!

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