Buying a Car

by Rex Keyes — One of the most difficult decisions we make in life is buying a car. There are so many carmakers and types of vehicles it can be mind boggling. Also from SUVs to cars there are so many options that one can spend thousands on and never use. Consider the following a guide and do not let those slick car salesmen talk you into spending money on items you’ll very rarely use.

First I’d like to mention SUVs. A lot of them come with four wheel drive. Unless you live in Alaska or in snow country how often are you going to use it? Take for instance a Ford Explorer. You can get it in two wheel drive, saving a couple of thousand dollars that you can spend at Starbucks. And being two wheel drive it is lighter and gets more miles per gallon. So if you do not live in the outback check up on two wheel drive SUVs.

The next item one tries to decide on is the color of their vehicle. Black is about the worst color there is. It is very difficult to keep clean and shows up dirt very easily. Try and avoid black at all costs. If you have to have it then here are some helpful hints. If you have kids and they use the car, have them wash it once a week. Always park the car in the garage and have a feather duster handy to wipe it every day. Good luck on black!!

Next is whether to buy a four door which is called a sedan or a two door which is known as a coupe. Sedans are the most popular car. The only reason to buy a sedan is if you have a bunch of kids you drop off and pick up at school every day. It is easier for them to get in and out of the car with those back doors. Coupes are cheaper, lighter and look a lot sportier. Go for a coupe.

The day of the stick shift is practically gone. Just about everyone now drives an automatic. And who can blame them. Most traffic now is stop and go with all the traffic congestion. But there is one big advantage to buying a stick shift. If you want to buy a sports car and you don’t want everyone else in the family driving it, then buy a stick shift, because no one will be asking to borrow it since they don’t know how to drive it.

Finally there is the costly option of buying a navigation package. The question is how often do you go to someplace that you have never been before? Save yourself a grand and use an old fashion device they call a map for the few times a year you might travel to some unknown place.

Enjoy driving while you can because the near future is automation. A car will take you anywhere you want while you text, Skype and talk on the cell phone. Goodbye driving, hello Robbie the Robot!!

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