Summer Vacation At Home

by Rex Keyes — It’s June and the beginning of summer and summer vacation for millions of people. Now the difficult question to answer is how many days to take off for vacation and where to go. In one example it seems if you are single and own a dog, Carmel is the place to go. One doesn’t have to leave the dog at home with a vacation in Carmel. Just about every restaurant allows dogs. Just go in one and you can see a dog sitting or lying on the ground at the dining table of their owner. Also walk down the street and one will notice a lot of visitors walking down the streets with their dogs on leashes. Finally just drive all the way down Ocean Avenue to the beach and it is filled with vacationers and their dogs walking and playing on the beach. Carmel Beach should be known as “Dog City.”

Then there is vacation taken at home. Taking vacation at home allows one to catch up on all the projects around the house and not worry about them for the rest of the year. For instance, let’s say squirrels have been invading the bird feeder and taken a lot of food. Well, then the project would be how to make the bird feeder squirrel proof so the birds can get a decent meal. Of course, one could just go out and buy a squirrel proof bird feeder but modifying the one you have would make a good summer project. One could put the feeder on a tall slippery pole or hang it from a branch with a strong long wire with grease on it.

Other home projects would be gardening. Make the garden so it needs little care. For instance, install drought resistant plants, make the irrigation system automatic so it waters itself or take out a lot of the plants and cover a lot of the area with wood chips. Of course, there are a lot of other projects like painting, fixing the fence, plumbing etc.. Once they are completed, your summer vacations will now be the weekends after you come home from work because there are no projects, you are work free. One advantage in doing all these projects for your vacation is telling your spouse that you are staying at home and fixing stuff around the house. You will immediately be put on a pedestal of love.

If you are not going to go anywhere on vacation and decide to do the house projects, it would be good to do something special while you are at home like going out to eat a couple of times or taking your spouse for a stroll on the beach or to a play or concert. That would be the secret to keeping the spouse happy instead of just being around the house all day working or watching football or baseball games at night. Just remember these projects being completed will pay for themselves in the long run especially like on a Saturday when you decide to drink some beer and watch a sports game instead of doing a house project since they were all done during your regular vacation.

Happy Summer!!!

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