Living My Life is Like Golden

by Daria James — June is my favorite month, for it is the most wonderful time of the year, the genesis of summer and most importantly the celebration of my liberation from the confinements of the womb nation. (Take that, Kanye!)

Some might argue this birthday to be a milestone in the life of Daria and just the other day I was brushing my hair when I encountered a white hair, just the one. My immediate reaction was yes! I am going to rock the white. Maybe I will stop getting carded when I order alcoholic drinks. Some people have asked me if I take anything to delay my aging process. I really do not have an answer. Could be my dysfunctional gene pool, could be the red wine and cigars, could be the cocoa butter I use to moisturize. The green tea I drink. Could be all the red meat and fruits I eat (not very fond of vegetables, unless they are in salsa or pico de gallo form). Exercising regularly and hydrating, perhaps. It works for Tom Brady, and so it does pour moi. Bottom line, it is always a combination of factors, never one alone. Life is about balance, although I do not wear those shoes. You see what I did there? I wear Chucks II. I look cool and I have arch support. Support is important, you guys.

Not only have I gotten older, I have matured and worked on being a better version of myself as time progresses, however, I can tell you some things remain the same. I continue to love the ocean and the sun. When I bike in the trails I feel connected with nature. I also feel free and look great wearing lycra shorts.

Since I am also wiser now, I will share some of the ideologies I have incorporated into my life. I would also like to share I have not always been this way. I went through an absorption process. I have learned life is about our experiences, for there are no wrong paths. Life can be hectic at times, you may lose a battle here and there, but that does not mean you will lose the war.

I have realized I am just a combination of many truths, and I embraced myself with my flaws. Fools will continue to encounter the same obstacles because they have not learned the lesson the universe is trying to teach them. Some individuals cannot take a hint. I know I had to redo a couple of lessons. I was double-checking and yes, it was me. I was the one with the problem. Nonetheless, I’m not like that no more.

Do not take things personally, even if someone directly attacked your persona. That says a lot more than less about them then it does about you. Those who seek to elevate themselves by placing others down are insecure and feel threatened by those they speak ill about. At all costs, you must disregard them, do not empower them by giving them attention. To put it simply: haters gonna hate. To quote Jill Scott, “Hate on me hater, now or later, cause I’m gonna do me. You’d be mad, baby.”

Do not do things for people expecting something in return. If you want to help someone monetarily, or give them a ride home, do it because you enjoy it. The universe will thank you later perhaps in a different manner.

The key is to be genuine when you give; it is also perfectly fine to set boundaries. No means no and maybe is not a yes, unless everyone is drunk. Not!

Learn to forgive. Keeping grudges as if they are little pets will cause abundant harm to your soul. There is a lesson to be learned with every heartache, learn that lesson, make adjustments and you will not make the same mistake again. You will also be better suited to deal with similar circumstances. Do not compare yourself to others and love yourself before you wreck yourself, no seriously, set your love foundation for the future generations and the right people will enter your life. Almost simultaneously, those bringing negativity into your life will exit stage right, and that is fine.

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