Living in the Now-Wow-Wow

by Robyn Justo — Something strange is happening with time. And maybe space too, like nothing is in sync anymore.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video where the audio wasn’t matching up? It’s a bit disconcerting, even more so when it happens in real life like when your mind is traveling at warp speed and the body is just a little behind. The other day I watched myself pour (or try to pour) hot water into a cup and I missed it entirely.

I see people weeble-walking their canine companions on the beach trails like they need more caffeine or their little bodies just aren’t catching up to the plan of where they want to go. I’m tempted to tip a few over sometimes, but I would probably be a bad person if I did.

I walked into a trendy store recently, one I had no business being in at my age but I pretended I was looking for stuff for the kids that I don’t have. I almost lost it when I saw a huge display of colorful scrunchies. You got it. Scrunchies! What year was this?

It wasn’t too long ago that anyone wearing one of these things would be glared at, pointed at, or no matter how young she (or he) looked, people would know the truth about their age and lack of fashion forward or current sense.

I gave away all of my oversized jean jackets a few years ago and now they are back in style and expensive as heck. What is it about fashion and timing and should we just save it all or not give a darn about it in the first place because it WILL come back in style.

I’m wearing braids again like a school girl. I don’t care. But I broke down and bought a few jean jackets online, second-hand on a ridiculously addictive site called Poshmark because I refuse to pay exorbitant prices for something I recently gave away and want again. One of them was probably mine in another life anyway.

I think we need to be like little doggies and live in the now-wow-wow. Doggie fashion hopefully won’t go out of style so as they trot next to their weebles, no worries have they (true dat). The only timing they are concerned with is when it’s time to “feed me, pet me, love me, and take me outside to do my business.” Unconditionally loving, no dogma, karma, past lives, or fashion faux paws.

Granted in the bigger scheme of things, all of this might be as insignificant as the last crumb at the bottom of a GMO modified cereal box or a corpuscle in the arterial vein of an Arcturian aardvark. There are much more important things to worry about than being in sync or in style in this circle of life, eh?

So proudly Forever 21 in pigtails, I give my very best Vulcan salute and say, “Live long and Posh-per.” I’m just really glad I saved my scrunchies.

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