Valentine’s Day

by Rex Keyes — Strike One! You forgot about your wedding anniversary and didn’t do anything special that day. Strike Two! You forgot about your wife’s birthday and didn’t do anything special that day. Man, are you in trouble!! When it comes to romance, women do not forget. They have an iron clad memory. It may seem like it doesn’t bother them, but men, it does, and don’t be a simpleton, because strike three is coming up and that is Valentine’s Day, and if you strike out, you are in deep kimchi.

Valentine’s Day is this month and a man has a chance to make amends and get back in good graces with his partner, wife or girlfriend. Valentine’s Day is a romantic day and very important. Just because you have been together for a long time does not mean you can throw romance out the window. Valentine’s Day is also a day to get closer together if you had an argument or a disagreement. Come on guys; forget about watching a football game, a reality TV show or drinking beer while bar-b-cueing. You need to concentrate and plan a great Valentine’s Day. You will be rewarded in many ways. You may get sour cream on your baked potatoes, she may cook a steak dinner for you at least once a week and you may get a fantastic breakfast with eggs, bacon, potatoes and maybe a waffle on the side.

So here are some secrets to planning a great Valentine’s Day. When you leave work, stop at a store the day before Valentine’s Day and pick up some flowers. Hide them in the trunk of the car or under the rear seats which usually lift up. That night wake up, go to your car and take out the flowers and place them on the kitchen countertop with a note. A romantic one from the store is preferable, having a poem concerning romance and love. When she gets up Valentine’s morning and reads it, she will greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Next, plan something special for the day; a nice dinner at a restaurant or for a fabulous dinner at home pick up some lobster and a good steak and you be the cook and dishwasher, not her. Of course the table and the surroundings at dinnertime at home need to be enhanced. Pick out a decorative tablecloth with a beautiful scented candle on top. Put on some nice background music and keep the lights down low. And for goodness sakes take a shower, dress well and put on attractive cologne like “English Leather.” Oh and don’t forget to buy a good bottle of wine and or champagne and serve it just before dinner. Doing all this will put you back in good graces. Finally, don’t forget to mark on your calendar, your iPhone your computer or any other device, your anniversary date and your spouse’s birthdate. It is best not to have any strikes against you so that everything runs smoothly.

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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