Way Back When

by Jann Gargiulo — We were just sitting around talking the other day when the subject of time came up.  That happens often as one ages I guess. There is more of it behind us then ahead of us! So, we started talking about the first time we remembered … anything!

We heard a story on TV about this kid who could remember being born! Can you imagine that? I wouldn’t like that one bit. I hope that kid eventually forgets it. I’ve had two children, and even I choose to remember only the pleasant parts, like when the birthing was over!!! No, I’m teasing. When you see that little bundle for the first time, there’s nothing more beautiful in the whole world!

So, back to remembering what we remembered. I really didn’t have to think too long. I remembered when my parents brought my little sister Ruthie home from the hospital. There were a total of twelve children in our household, and we lived in a renovated old barn. All of the other kids slept way up at the top of the house, but I had never been that far up; I was only 1 year and 3 months old at the time. So, you can imagine how happy I was to get a new sister who was small, and we could play together in the crib!

My parents came home and let me see my little sister, then told me to go play with the other kids so Ruthie could sleep. Mamma said that babies needed a lot of rest, and Daddy added, “So do mammas”. I knew what that meant. So, I went outside.

After my oldest sister, Doris, had gotten me ready for bed, I went to the crib as always and climbed in. I snuggled up to Ruthie and told her how happy I was that she was home with us. I told her I loved her and could hardly wait for her to get bigger so we could play together. Then, I fell asleep. Sometime later, I felt someone lifting me up! What … what’s happening? My oldest brother, Ray had me in his arms, and Mamma said that it was time for me to join the “big kids” upstairs. Upstairs? But, I’d never been up there before. That didn’t matter. Mamma said for me to be a good girl and she would explain it to me in the morning.

Yeah, IF I made it ’till morning! There were BIG boys up there; and some mean girls! But, Ray kept me safe that night, and mamma explained why two babies shouldn’t be in the same crib together (especially when one can climb out). So, I figured I’d be okay after all.

This was the first thing I remembered. Remember, I was only 1 year and 3 months old. Maybe I can tell you some things that happened AFTER I settled in upstairs. But not right now … we have a whole new year for that! 

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