The Search for Magic, Miracles and Meaning

by Robyn Justo — About a month ago, I was mentioning to a friend that I probably spent (and wasted) way too much time on the computer. Within a few days, my laptop crashed in the middle of a long and tedious Word document.

Being Italian and Portuguese, I still have a bit of a temper even though I think the years have mellowed me some. My hand just might have smacked the keyboard when this happened.

Mercury wasn’t retrograde and as I sat helplessly and watched all of my desktop icons fade to black one by one, I wondered if this had something to do with me and my energy (and perhaps my temper). This was the third time in the last two years that something like this had happened.
Twenty some years ago when I was in high tech, no one wanted me around their computers. Strange things happened when I would walk by. I never had any desire to even own one of my own back then, but as time went on I gave in to the temptation of technology and traded my soul for a laptop.

My computer guru told me that it could indeed be a power surge of sorts and maybe it was indeed my energy. He’s a rare breed, a techie with a spiritual background. Whatever the case, I had to face the painful possibility that I had lost all of my data…again.

I wondered if my words a few days prior had reverberated across Cyberia and my statement about wasting time was answered with a retort from an etheric elf or laptop leprechaun somewhere who nonchalantly pushed a button, grinned sardonically, and said, “There, we’ll fix that for you right now.”

A friend once told me that sometimes a banana was just a banana and not everything was connected or had a deeper meaning or significance. I begged to differ. I have spent my life enjoying the synchronicities of life and the magical and often unexpected ways that this Universe responds to our words and intent.

After my ailing laptop was inspected there was good news. All of my data was still on my hard drive, but it would need to be replaced. And bad news. The cost would almost be as much as getting another laptop, so I bought a new one.

In the meantime, I looked for that deeper meaning. Oddly enough, I didn’t seem to miss all of that time on the Internet. I seemed to have a lack of affect about it all. Of course, I did have an iPad and phone, but I took this as a clue and a cue to recluse myself from it all.

When I had lost all of my data, photos and memories when my computers crashed before it was like starting over and being forced to let go of the past and the details I deemed so important. Gone were the selfies, the precious links, the bookmarks, and the videos, not to mention a lot of my work. Oh, how attached we become.

In a way, my personal operating system had been wiped clean, just in time for a new start for the new year.

I wondered if it might be the same when we (you know) expire here. Are we like data that disappears without a trace? Is anything left on our hard drive? Are we rebooted in another form?

I’ll never stop looking for answers in the cosmic breadcrumbs of this life. As I ponder the bits, the bytes, and the bananas, I can clearly see the correlation. My friend would be scrunching up his face right about now, but I am absolutely sure that a banana is never JUST a banana.

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