Comedy is Still Alive, Barely

by Rex Keyes — Happy New Year and hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! One of our neighbors had a great idea for Christmas. Everyone in a family makes a list of what they want for a gift and so other members of the family have no problem going shopping for them. At least with a gift list, the person receiving the gift will probably not go down to the store and try to exchange it.

Of course if one writes on the list a vacation in St. Croix, a Ferrari, membership at the Pebble Beach Golf Club or a Rolex watch they may be exceeding their expectations. They will probably end up getting two tickets to the Santa Cruz amusement park, a toy sports car, tickets to play at a miniature golf course and a fake Rolex watch. So always write down what is reasonable, unless one has a sugar daddy or sugar momma like in that famous Christmas song, “Santa Baby” in which a woman asks for a sable coat, a blue convertible, a yacht, a duplex and a ring, not a telephone ring.

What is happening to comedy on television? It seems as if they are all caught up in politics. All Saturday Night Live’s openings have been all politics and also many skits during the show. They must be running out of ideas for other types of comedy. Now there are several sitcoms on TV that you may like. There is “Mom,” “Life in Pieces,” “Man with a Plan,” “9 JKL,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Superior Donuts” and “Angie Tribeca.” And some of these sitcoms have ol’ time comedians. Elliot Gould is in “9 JKL” and Matt LeBlanc from “Friends” is in “Man with a Plan.” And if you look closely at some of the comedies you will see that many ol’ time comedians are making a comeback and making appearances on these shows.

Also, I have to say, do not listen to critics of the television shows. Watch the shows and make a decision for yourself. For instance the critics listed the new sci-fi TV program “Orville” as bad. “Orville” is like “Star Trek” only with comedy and a great cast of characters. The Captain has his ex-wife as his first officer on the bridge. Imagine your ex being right next to you at work. A sci-fi with some comedy is not unusual. Just think of the episode of James T Kirk with those little creatures called “tribles.” And when you watch these programs try to watch at least two of them before making a decision. We watched “9 JKL” once and weren’t too thrilled but the second episode we watched was very funny, so now we are hooked. Oh, one other sitcom I will mention is called “The Mick” but it is not for everyone and there are warnings about watching it, warning, warning.

Here’s hoping you watch some of the above mentioned sitcoms as good comedy is still alive on TV, barely.

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